Accesses and controls MOTOTRBO repeaters
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Work with the devices of a MOTOTRBO network by accessing it via the utility compatible with its repeaters. It opens the configurations menu and adjusts functionality, disables and enables features or repairs all kinds of standard issues occurring during the use of the network.

MOTOTRBO delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the industry’s largest application developer program for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety.
RDAC is a new application from Motorola that allows a
manager or operator of a MOTOTRBO network to diagnose and or control MOTOTRBO repeaters. RDAC provides a great level of convenience, allowing to react quickly to any problems that may arise in the network.

A system manager can control the operation of a
MOTOTRBO repeater connected locally or connected via
an IP network in an IP Site Connect network, therefore
diagnose and control in an IP site network can be
accomplished from a few feet to hundreds of miles

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